(left to right) Fred Upton, Lori Mercedes, Peter Sanchez

(left to right) Fred Upton, Robert Cinabro, Lori Mercedes, Pedro Sanchez, Adrian Vazquez




11/1/13 – KALAMAZOO – Members of the Board of the Hispanic American Council, and Executive Director Lori Mercedes met with Congressman Fred Upton Friday to discuss federal immigration reform.

“Todays meeting bared the fruit that is the result of many meetings with Congressman Upton and his office in reference to immigration reform” said Mercedes. The Hispanic American Council has been working with Congressman Upton’s office for the past eleven years on individual immigration cases collaborating to share resources and find solutions to difficult problems faced by many local immigrants. “This is actually the second time he has reached out to meet with the Council over immigration reform” said Mercedes. “The Hispanic American Council’s non-confrontational style enables us to build bridges with our Representative’s office that will lead us to reform.”

In the discussion, Congressman Upton outlined several points of reform for which he supports. He is in support of border security, DREAM Act provisions, legal status for the undocumented who will decide whether or not to become citizens, for agricultural jobs that are based on labor needs of the farms in each state. He is not in support of mass deportation as a solution. Congressman Upton recognizes that would be a inhumane or unsensible solution.

(left to right) Lori Mercedes, Robert Cinabro, Adrian Vazquez, Peter Sanchez, Fred Upton

(left to right) Lori Mercedes, Robert Cinabro, Adrian Vazquez, Pedro Sanchez, Fred Upton

Congressman Upton is committed to working with the House Speaker John Boehner and the President towards a bipartisan solution. “We appreciate him taking an active role in his commitment to facing the challenging and uncomfortable situations to find all of the votes needed for immigration reform to be passed in the House of Representatives” remarked Mercedes.

“We, as a country, need to work on immigration because it is the right thing to do, the humane thing to do, and doing nothing is not a solution” said Upton.

“We are very thankful for Congressman Upton reaching out to the Hispanic American Council about working for our Latino community and communicating his position on this important issue which matters so much for our community. The Hispanic American Council is going to deliver the strong message that Congressman Fred Upton will be a leader in the House of Representatives to work for a bipartisan solution for immigration reform”, said Mercedes.

“The Hispanic American Council’s talks with Congressman Upton in the coming weeks and months will provide more updates on progress towards reform. The Hispanic American Council encourages an open dialogue and comprehensive approach to immigration reform with a non-confrontational style. The Hispanic American Council represents a great number of Latino families in the Southwest Michigan area who come to the Hispanic American Council seeking out services and want nothing more than to be contributing members of this community” stated Mercedes.

“The Hispanic American Council has been advocating for immigration reform for a long time and are looking for as much support as we can gather.”

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