Do you offer employment resources?

We do have some listings of employment resources in the area.  Current availability of employment changes frequently and cannot be guaranteed.

Do you provide services for immigration?

We do provide direct immigration services:
-DACA (Initial and Renewals)
-Renewal of Permanent Resident Card

All immigration services have a low fee.

Also have a list of immigration lawyers in the area.


Diocese of Kalamazoo Immigration Assistance Program
215 N Westnedge Ave, Kalamazoo, MI 49007
New clients are received on Mondays from 9am-4pm.
Questions can be addressed to: (269) 903-0135


Michigan Immigrant Right Center
3030 S 9th St # 1B
Kalamazoo, MI 49009
Questions can be addressed to: (269) 492-7196


Do you offer in person interpreting?

We do offer translation services.  These services are most utilized and contracted by local hospitals, lawyers, and court services.  These services are available for $55/per hour (8am-5pm) and $60/per hour on holidays and after hours (5:01pm – 7:59am).  If you are a potential client, check with the service provider you are working with (the court, police department, hospital, schools, lawyer, ect.) first to verify if they are able to provide or contract services.

Do you offer ESL Classes?

The Council is not currently offering ESL classes.  We hope to offer classes in the future and will advertise this program on our website when they become available.

Do you provide notarized letters of support?

Yes we do.  We offer letters addressing residential verification, authority given to another guardian over a minor, authority given to an identified fiduciary, in addition to other possible cases as well.  Supporting documents for each specific case is needed in order to proceed with the writing of a letter.  All documentation pertaining to the case should be presented at the office upon the request of a letter.  Letters are notarized and cost $5.00.

Do you serve as a placement for community volunteer service hours or court mandated community service hours to be completed?

We are happy to explore the HAC as a possible site for your volunteer placement.  Please see this area of the website for further information:  Volunteer