Dia de los Reyes 2014

Amigos del concilio!

Last night marked our biggest celebration of Dia de los Reyes in the Hispanic American Council’s history! Our community came together to celebrate the holiday by engaging in fun activities for children, music and dancing performances, food and of course gifts for children! We provided gifts to 213 children! WOW! We would like to take a moment to thank everyone who helped make this possible!

Thank you to every sponsor for your generous donations! We greatly appreciate all that you have allowed us to do and helping us exceed our fundraising goal! Our individual sponsors include: Msgr. Michael Hazard, Dr. Timothy Ready, John Allen, Maria Salinas, Dr. Joseph Mirro, Tim Agema, Nancy & Brad L Dysterhouse, Henry & Betty Cohen, Dr. John & Linda Dunn, Steve Roger Erway & Carolyn M. Pickett-Erway, Kimberly Bell, Bob Cinabro and Sarah Westfall. Our corporate/organization sponsor include: United Educational Credit Union, Kalamazoo Foundation, Colleagues International, Greater Kalamazoo Community Service Fund, The Kalamazoo Gay and Lesbian Resource Center, Badland Strategies, La Ranchero and Choices for Change. We also owe a thank you to Family and Children Services, Nancy and Trudy DeHann, Christina Agema, and Vero Bello, Catholic Charities, Kalamazoo Public Safety, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Van Buren ISD, Gazelle Sports, Meijers, Target and La Madrinas del Concilio who all collected and donated toys to the celebration!

Thank you Jeter’s Leaders for doing craft activities and all the additional help that was given! Thank you to the Kalamazoo Public Library and the Kalamazoo Nature Center for bringing fun and educational activities for our families!

Thank you to our great entertainment! We had a spectacular set of entertainment from members of our community! Carla Velasco sang two very moving songs in Spanish, dance troupes Grupo de San Jose who performed Danza Azteca, Baile Folklórico and El Baile de los Viejitos.

Last, but definitely not least, we would like to thank all of the volunteers and dedicated members of the community who came together, planned, and put together the celebration! Thank you to Lupe Bernal who prepared the delicious food and JBS, El Ranchero, La Panadería Azteca for donating the ingredients! Thank you to Rocio Briggs who coordinated the decorating! Thank you to our many dedicated volunteers who came from all over to wrap presents and help on the night of the event! With all of your help, last night’s celebration was the best we have ever had!

If you were taking pictures of the celebration, we would greatly appreciate being tagged as the Hispanic American Council on Facebook or emailing pictures to Adam at adam@hispanicamericancouncil.org.

If you would like to be involved in helping plan or volunteer for future Council cultural celebrations and other events please contact Adrian at adrian@hispanicamericancouncil.org!



Lori Mercedes

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